isme cover art

One of my microscopy pictures was short-listed (Top 3) for The 2018 ISME Journal Cover Competition! The three finalist images will be displayed at the ISME 2018 conference in Leipzig, Germany:

move to oxf

Big news: I moved from Switzerland to the UK and started my new position at the Department of Zoology at Oxford. So excited!

phd defense

IT IS DONE! On Sept 15th I successfully defended my PhD thesis. It was an amazing feeling. Thanks to everyone for coming and making this a day I will never forget. You can read the thesis here: “Evolution of Cooperation and Virulence in an Opportunistic Pathogen” (2017)

3rd chapter pub

Paper published: My third thesis chapter was accepted for publication in BMC Biology (2017). I experimentally evolved bacteria to test whether they would evolve back to being cooperators after they had evolved to be cheaters. Turns out … they don’t! You can read the paper here (Open Access)